Hand painted photograph by Shae Detar

From the moment I was born, I was adorned in vintage clothing. I have fond memories of visiting my mother's favorite consignment shops as a toddler, collecting sequins, buttons, and pearls from the floors, while gazing in awe of the colors and patterns she was trying on. My mother's passion for seeing the magic in second hand clothing inspired me to create Prism of Threads.

Prism of Threads is a conscious and sustainable clothing brand birthed in 2011, offering vintage and handmade creations. The name came to me in a dream as a way to bridge my love for rainbows and magical textiles from all over the world. Each piece offered has been hand picked with love and intention. I hold such high integrity for this work and for our Earth, as we grow together in unity. 

Based in Los Angeles, Prism of Threads is an art form that celebrates ancient culture and collaborates with my community of fellow artists. In deep reverence for the woven story of each textile, with nothing but respect and gratitude for the gifted artisans that created them.  Though most pieces are acquired second hand, each piece's historical and geographical origin is researched with the intention of providing as much information as possible.

I have worked closely with photographers Neil Krug and Alexandra Valenti, and in constant collaboration with Niki Livingston of Lookout & Wonderland, a natural dye master with over two decades' experience! I also collaborate with local tailors and dye houses in Los Angeles to create ethically and sustainably produced clothing.

Prism of Threads is my heart's devotion to the Earth through vintage wearable art and handmade clothing! By wearing vintage, you are reducing our carbon footprint and standing against the culture of mass production. Rather than appropriating any culture, you can honor the work of these incredible artists by bringing their work into a global, modern context through cultural appreciation!   

In Gratitude,

Tracy Conti McCarty