⏈⏈⏈⏈ Huipiles ⏈⏈⏈⏈

Huipil is a woven blouse worn by indigenous Mayan women in regions of Guatemala and Mexico. They are generally made from one, two, or three panels of either a hand woven or machine woven textile. Different regional areas are differentiated by unique colors, patterns, and designs. My favorite are the huipiles from Chichicastenango Guatemala.
   Nebaj Guatemalan huipil
Tehuana Roses from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca where they are worn by local Zapotec women
    Huipil from Ixtatan
    Ceremonial huipil from Chichicastenango Guatemala
                    Zinacantan Poncho  

  Mazatec huipil from northern Oaxaca state
         Mixtec huipil 
Guatemalan huipil worn by Mayan women