⋘⋲◈⋺⋙ White Flight ⋘⋲◈⋺⋙

"I believe more than ever in HEART BASED consciousness, and despite the apparent conflicts in the outer reality, I trust that we are moving into a new era of Unity Consciousness as a species.  Many have foreseen this time of transformation on the horizon centuries ago. No matter where we find ourselves in these wild times, we always have access to our own hearts and the cosmic refuge therein.-White Flight" 

White Flight launched a Kickstarter to raise funding for 
his next epic album! His intention is to create a sacred experience of
Unity Conciousness within the listener/viewer. Augustin's music & scared geometry paintings remind us that we are all connected. Connected to all living creatures & this beautiful planet we live on. In addition to the Kickstarter link posted below I included come of Neil Krug's photographs of White Flight.

Video by Neil Krug & website http://www.neilkrug.com

Augustin's sacred geometry painting are for sale at http://www.etsy.com/shop/daughterofthesun