⬖⬗⬘⬖⬗ Veronica Ibarra ⬖⬗⬘⬖⬗

With a makeup brush in one hand and a camera in the other Veronica Ibarra transforms herself and her subjects. She captures self expression and invokes a timeless place. She is an inventive spirit that can create magic with whatever surrounds her. Inspiring to no end, I love Veronica's eye and those red lips.
Here are some photographs from when I lived in New York City. Veronica and I lived in the East Village a few blocks from each other. We fed chocolate muffins to squirrels while we sipped our coffee in the park. Late night drunken cheese pizza and feet sore from dancing in our platforms. I miss our wild New York days! 
I was always amazed by the new face Veronica had created for me!  
Check out her website http://viphotography.carbonmade.com