⧔⦑⦑⦙⦒⦒⧕⦑⦑⦙⦒⦒⧔⦑⦑⦙⦒⦒⧕ Desert Entrance ⧔⦑⦑⦙⦒⦒⧕⦑⦑⦙⦒⦒⧔⦑⦑⦙⦒⦒⧕

This weekend I'm headed out to Joshua Tree to see The Entrance Band. They're one of the best bands around and some of my favorite people! They tour the country in a yellow school bus and surf waves along the way. I love their spontaneous electric energy & how it inspires public nudity, dancing & Dionysian behavior. Entrance has a Kickstarter to finish their album. Help them out if you can!

Photographs taken by Amanda Zazi Charchian