⩭ Aloha Kauai ⩭

On Monday Stephen & I return to the sacred island of Kauai for two weeks! Last year we went for our honeymoon & it transformed our lives. If you have ever needed a restart button, or some deep healing, Kauai is the place! From caves to waterfalls, the Aloha welcomes you. 
I remember watching a documentary on Taylor Camp while we were there. A pot-friendly clothing-optional tree house village at the end of Kauai’s North Shore. They created order without rules and rejected materialism. It was started in 1969 by actress Elizabeth Taylor’s brother, and ended in 1977, when State officials sadly burned it to the ground.

Photographs by John Wehrheim

We'll also reunite with Patsy, the VW Westfalia we explored the island with last year! Nothing like pulling over to watch an epic sunset & cooking some dinner! Photos from last years adventures;