⫷ Tawatainsuyo Warmi ⫸

During Amy's journey back to Peru she had a strong vision to share the light that exists in the Southern Andes. We wanted to celebrate the sacred valley and Tawatainsuyo Warmi, the Inka woman. This mystic valley is a place where beauty exists in all directions. Together we brought this manifestation to life with an alpaca named Herbie, my latest Prism dress, Peruvian born actress Nathalie Kelley & Amanda Zazi Charchian's unique eye.
Prism silk dress coming to my Etsy store soon!

Photography - Amanda Zazi Charchian
Styling - Prism Of Threads & Daughter of the Sun
Model - Nathalie Kelley

All peruvian textiles available through Amy's Etsy store.