⦑⦑⦙⦒⦒ Portals ⦑⦑⦙⦒⦒

Carly of All For The Mountain curated an art show called "Portals" that will take place this Saturday. The group of artists come from diverse backgrounds but share an interest in this emerging shift of consciousness. Experiential highlights include: Organic raw food by my husband Stephen McCarty, organic cold pressed juice by Moon Juice, musical ascension by Dionysus and New Age Pussy. There will also be spontaneously created poetry by Jacqueline Suskin. Hope you can make it! 

Ashley Lande
Carly Margolis
Amanda Zazi Charchian 
Stephen McCarty 
Matthew Morgan 
Nathan Hayden
Alexander Kuzio
Javier Piñon
Dana Kline: healer, flute player, poet
Jacqueline Suskin: writer performer 

For more information & full bio's on each artist: http://allforthemountain.tumblr.com