⋯ Two Moons ⋯

Rising to the sky by the Earth's own will. A temple of silence which stands above all. Grace in defiance; solid impenetrable cathedral. Masked maestra of the gentle night. We learned her dance by the veiled moon light, in the shadow of the rain. Facets of the desert rose etched in sandy calligraphy. An ancient tune made young by the scent of frankincense. These candles took their flame from the setting sun's last rays. 

It is with great joy that I share the Prism of Threads Mesa, Rain Shadow, and Mojave Caftans! Photographed by the incredibly talented visionary photographer and artist Alexandra Valenti. This lookbook also features the latest jewelry collection by M.Grace Jewelry. Modeled by the divine sisters Jessica Mau and Malia Mau. Makeup and hair by Jennifer Alden of Naked Eye Beauty